A website built in Framer for Superlink – a domain name startup changing the world.


Framer Development and Consultation


Framer Consultation, Frontend Framer Setup, React Component Styling, Dynamic Landing Pages, Custom CMS, Animation.

An ex-CEO of mine Matt Winn approached me about helping with building a website for his new startup idea, Superlink. I recommended they use Framer for the marketing website because I think Framer is the perfect website builder for startups that need to move fast and iterate on what they're offering as a product or service. (Side note: If you're thinking about using Framer but have questions, hit me up).

The website and brand was designed by Hunter Thompson and lucky for me I got to setup and build a really beautiful site.

My role in this project was to setup the Framer site focusing on the home page and building out some other components for various aspects of the rest of the site.

The home page included some really fun animations which took me some time to get right! But I think we nailed it in the end. Especially this hero scroll animation.

Initially the idea was to use Framer only for the marketing side of the website (home page, about etc) and Henry from the Superlink team would build the actual flow of searching and purchasing domain names in a separate framework. However, after starting in Framer and trying out React Components they decided to integrate their entire service inside Framer! They were complete converts.

I never expected to see the Superlink team integrate their entire site (from searching domain names to purchasing) in Framer using React Components. It was wild!

I ended up having to do some custom code inside the React Components for styling aspects of the results page, which was a challenge but a great learning experience. Huge thanks to Henry Kelder for helping me with that and absolutely in awe of the work done on this site by him.

As always it was built to be fully responsive because let's be honest, most people are on their phones these days. It's a mobile-first world.