Designing and building a beautiful property experience for one of the leading property brands in Africa.


Design & Front-end Development


Website design, client presentations, component-based front-end development, HTML/CSS

Rawson Properties is one of the leading property brands in Africa and while I worked at Next, we were tasked with redesigning their website.

There are a lot of moving parts to property websites, everything is managed via a CMS and API and the design needs to cater for vast variations in content. With over 1000 agents adding content to the website on a daily basis, managing the design of that content so that it looks good is a challenging job.

Some custom iconography I designed for the site

Search was another big design challenge. We wanted it to be easy and simple for a quick search, as well as powerful and advanced underneath. We spent a lot of time refining this. The engineer on this project, Wayne Berry, wrote a great article on some of the more technical challenges experienced on this project, like integrating with legacy business databases and using Vue.js. Read it here.

The design of the website was built using a front-end styleguide to ensure scalability and so that ongoing changes to the design could be managed easily.

This was set up by a friend and colleague of mine, Michael Thorne. I was tasked with re-doing the design of the full website, as well as updating and creating new front-end styleguide components, building on his excellent foundation.