A photographic and video portfolio website I built in Webflow for director and photographer, Paul Ward.


Web Development


Consultation, Design (In collab with Daniel Ting Chong), Webflow Setup, Image Saving & Optimisation, Webflow Development, Custom CSS, Animation, SEO, Launch

This was a really fun, collaborative project between myself, Paul Ward and Daniel Ting Chong: two very talented people I am lucky to call my friends. Daniel had been working on Paul's new brand identity and they were looking for someone to help create a website that had a little more personality than the usual photography portfolio templates you see out there. I naturally jumped at the opportunity to showcase Paul's beautiful video and photographic work behind his fresh, bold and edgy identity.

Paul came to the party with a really great outline of the website structure and after seeing some basic design explorations I started creating the CMS first as the intention was to make it really easy for Paul to update and edit his website going forward.

I really enjoy being able to define the content management system structure of a website, systems are just my thing.

Paul was also so willing to do what was needed for the content, which was a dream to work with. He created 10 second clips of his best videos in no time and uploaded them to Vimeo for the home page carousel with auto-playing video backgrounds. His amazing content really made this website what it is.

I love an agile process, all three of us shared references with each other often, sent through quick designed ideas we had, Daniel bringing it all together in the end. I also started developing the site while the design was still in flux and the process was really fluid.

Paul gave me a lot of rope and trusted my opinions and ideas, letting me play around with animations and generally just trusting me to go with it.

All in all, a dream project.