Product Design and Product Management for Over — a creative startup with a mobile design app taking on the world.


Product Design, Product Management


UI/UX Design, Prototyping, Vision, Strategy, Scoping, Process, Analytics.

Over is a mobile design tool that empowers anyone to create distinctive, creative content. I started at Over in March 2017 as a Front-end Web Developer, quickly got sucked into Product Design and evolved into Product Management about a year later. In my time at Over, I have helped shape the following features:

  1. VIDEO – bringing moving content into a static design app
  2. DISCOVER – a feed of stories delivered via a custom CMS
  3. LAYOUTS – a new template using instructional design
  4. COLOR PALETTES the ability to save a color palette in the app
  5. CROP – the ability to crop an image in the app

Here is a deeper look at some of my favourites.


Problem Statement
How might we enable our users to create beautiful and engaging video content in Over?

Add text, graphics and images to video


I was involved in both design and management of this feature. I did some UX exploratory work at the beginning of the project along with talented designer and colleague Daniel Klopper, and once some of the more technical issues were solved, I managed the team and helped with process, scope, user testing, releasing and defining the MLP (Minimum Lovable Product). I also helped create some marketing video content that we used to promote the release.

Some of the UX/UI exploration we did

The technical issues were a challenge because rendering video content inside the app initially affected the performance quite drastically and the engineering team had to do a lot of work to solve this. The other big challenge was defining what was enough to ship our first version with. There are a lot of video editing apps out there, with many features that we don't have. What we realised was that our users already loved Over for what it is – they mainly just wanted what was already great about the app, with some moving content.

Layouts and Layout Collections

Problem Statement
How might we improve the usability of our editable templates and ensure that they work well with our users’ content?

A new kind of template for Over that uses instructional design to make it easier to use, are designed for dynamic content and delivered in themed collections that enable more aesthetically-consistent looking content.


Strategy and Product Management. In order to evolve with the trends in our product category (Image Editing), we envisioned a new type of template for Over that focused on the layout and theme, as opposed to the content. I presented the strategy to the CEO and Head of Product and was tasked with setting up a cross-functional team. I ran sketching sessions with designers, marketers and engineers, mapped out the user stories, conducted in-person user testing sessions and defined our release schedule. This has been my favourite project to have worked on at Over so far, mainly due to it's strategic backing and future potential.

Initial sketches of the UX for Layouts
Our Layout Definition
Layouts are dynamic, instructional by design, and designed with a focus on theme and layout instead of content.
We used placeholder content in the template to make it clear what to do, and make it faster to replace

In order for this template to work, we needed to introduce a Crop Tool in the app for cropping images. This tool was highly detailed and needed to feel easy and fluid along with the rest of the tools we have in the app. It was a complex task to get right, from both a UX and a technical perspective.


Themed collections of Layouts were included to provide a foundation in the app for allowing our users to create themed stories, or many variations of one design, while keeping aesthetic consistency across their communication.

The "All That Glitters" Collection – designed by Cat Drowley and Emma Philip

The "Be Bold" Collection – designed by Daniel Klopper and Emma Philip


Problem Statement
How might we inspire and educate our users on an ongoing basis so that they are encouraged to create more?

A feed of stories aimed at inspiring, teaching and communicating to users, all powered by a custom-built CMS.


I was the first Product Manager to lead a cross-functional team at Over and this feature was an idea that came out of one of our first ideation sessions focused on onboarding. We realised that a successful experience for some users could be once a year, when they might create a "Happy New Year" card and never come back until the next new year. And so the problem we identified was that we needed a way of giving them more ideas and inspiring them more with the possibilities of what the app had to offer. This became the app's new home page which we called "Discover". The project included both the iOS app feature, as well as a custom CMS that is now used internally to add weekly content to the feed.

Slides from the project kickoff presentation where the aim was to communicate what we were solving for the user and the business, our release plan and our process

As one of the first projects I owned as a Product Manager, it was giant. Not only did it involve adding a whole new tab to the app, but it also required building a completely new product from scratch – a new custom CMS. On top of that, it also required figuring out a new and ongoing process for making and adding content to the feed on a weekly basis. That was a lot to manage. Luckily, I had a lot of previous experience building and designing CMS's from scratch with my incredibly talented colleague Wayne Berry, who was the CMS engineer on this one too and made it so much easier.

The custom-built Content Management System (CMS)
The outcome of a release planning session where we scoped the full project using User Stories and and set key project milestones