A lego-inspired website I built in Webflow for Okalpha, a Cape Town based animation studio with a heart of gold.


Web Development


Consultation, Webflow Setup, Image Saving & Optimisation, Webflow Development, Custom CSS, Animation, SEO, Launch

This project was a collaboration with Cape Town Design Agency MakeReign who designed the website.

Being an animation studio, Okalpha had some very clear ideas for how the website should feel and what sort of interactions they wanted to see. They also wanted a CMS that was easy to use, and so I recommended Webflow as the website builder so that they could maintain their own website going forward really easily.

I learned a lot about Webflow while building this site. I love HTML and CSS, but I find Javascript rather difficult and your animation possibilities would normally be very limited without this skill. With Webflow, you don’t need to know Javascript, hallelujah! And you can do some really beautiful things. I had a lot of fun with these animations.

The decision to use Webflow ended up being a great choice not just for the CMS and animations, but for discoverability. After featuring it on the Webflow Showcase it was tweeted by the CEO of Webflow and featured on Typewolf, Muzli and many other web design inspiration platforms.

In 2021 Webflow featured the Okalpha website in their commercial, and on my birthday! Best gift ever. And an outcome I never dreamed would happen.