Website design and Webflow development for Margravine – a talent agency founded by Caspar Lee & Joe Sugg.


Website Designer and Webflow Developer


Consultation, Website Design, Webflow CMS Setup, Image Saving & Optimisation, Webflow Development, Custom CSS, Animation, SEO, Launch

Talented designer and friend Daniel Ting Chong reached out to me to help design and develop a website for Margravine, a creative talent agency founded by YouTube celebs Caspar Lee and Joe Sugg.

Daniel had designed a beautiful new identity for their brand. I felt immediately inspired to design and ended up sharing a first look at the design with the client before we’d even met.

I'm generally not a big fan of spending too much time on perfecting the design of a website in Figma. I love to jump into Webflow as soon as I can and figure out the finer details there because that's where it's "real". It saves me from doing duplicate work and overall makes the project go faster if the client is on board with that agile process, which in this case they were (lucky me).

I made it possible for most of the website to be editable and easy to manage by the client, including small delightful extras such as being able to choose a custom background colour for an individual talent page.

Overall, I feel really happy with how the vision I had at the beginning of the project came to life in the end as I’d hoped.

And it looks great on mobile too.